Reviews & Praise

“Lorna’s work with the students was amazing — engaging and inspiring. Her message is so important for many of our visual students today, especially those who are at-risk and inner city. All students, even those who at the beginning did not feel that they were artistic, experienced success – they created images they never knew they could draw. Time flew by, and at the end, students and teachers didn’t even realize it was over as it seemed that it had just begun. I highly recommend Lorna Bennett as someone with a natural ability to connect with people through art.” 

Arlene Lipkewich, teacher-librarian, Westmount School

Our students had a wonderful time and my teachers thought you were amazing, (I had already told them that but I  guess they just had to be there). We are very excited about your upcoming books and would love to have you back again next year. Thank you for adding to our children’s life experience.

They greatly treasured the time they had with you. ~ Dr Gail Brierley, Principal, OliverSchool, Edmonton

Our kids have raved about you all week! What a hit!  Thanks again for your presentations!

~ Carol Swanson, Librarian, Milk River Elementary School

I didn’t know I could draw that well! (Noah)
I think she’s a good artist, the art work she got us to draw made me feel happy (Mikeal)
I like how she went step by step for drawing (Alaska)
When I grow up I want to draw like her (Jackson)
Miss Bennett made me feel excited about drawing (Alaska)
Miss Bennett had a lot of books that she illustrated that I found interesting (Owen)
She had to draw very quickly for cartoons. It was fun (Noah)
I was really impressed with her pictures (Noah)
I like how she shaded in the shadow spots (Nathan B.)

Miss Bennett was the best illustrator I have ever seen (Owen).
~ Mrs. Case’s Grade 3 class, EastView Public School, Ontario

“Lorna’s sessions are popular with both students and staff. Students are engaged, they have fun and the time flies; her sessions have been an excellent addition to our conference over the last five years.”

Ailwen Boulet, Highlands Young Readers Conference

“Lorna Bennett created an enthusiasm and excitement among the students and staff. Her presentations were equally engaging for the older grades. She is energetic and enthusiastic about her craft and conveys this to the students. Students gave her excellent evaluations:

“Great energy and awesome at drawing”. 
“I had a fun time drawing pictures and learning new techniques to do so.” 
“I loved it. It was my favorite because she had so much expression.”
“I loved it! It was awesome. I wish it could’ve been longer, it was too short.”

~ Mary Donaldson, Foothills Young Authors Conference, Big Rock School

“I found Lorna’s presentation and display to be both useful and amusing to her young audience. I found the experience stimulating, engaging and thoughtful, as did the students. She welcomed and focused discussion from the students throughout, and made them feel like vital participants in the presentation. Students felt comfortable and creative with the drawing activity and followed up with lively, to-the-point questions. The students enjoyed Lorna’s energy, humour and focus on participation. I especially enjoyed that Lorna went beyond presenting her own work to showing a process balancing storytelling and art that students could identify with, and in which they could participate. I highly recommend her as artist, author and presenter.” 

Anna Carnell, teacher/artist, Black Diamond, Alberta